Supporting Wilmington Charities

Our Mission

The mission of the Landfall Foundation is to provide funds to local nonprofit organizations for programs and projects that provide for the Arts, Education, and Health and Welfare in the Greater Wilmington, North Carolina area.

Image descriptionOur Purpose

Recognizing that Landfall is a community of good citizens who care about the city and county they live in and want to be good neighbors, the Landfall Foundation will raise funds through individual solicitations and special events, principally within the Landfall community.  The Landfall Foundation will perform a research and monitoring function for Landfall residents to allow them to make a real difference with their charitable contributions.

How You Can Help

Simply by participating in any Landfall Foundation hosted event, you will be helping Wilmington charities. Your participation is greatly needed to continue the support. Entry fees and reservation fees are tax deductible contributions to the foundation and are only used to fund local charities. The Foundation also accepts donations from individuals, in any amount, at any time.

The Foundation relies solely upon your donations and participation to raise funds.

Our Commitment

To fulfill our Mission and Purpose, the Landfall Foundation will:

  • Facilitate charitable giving by residents of Landfall to provide financial support to tax-exempt, non-profit organizations and activities in the greater Wilmington area.
  • Consider less known, less publicized, often overlooked and often unmet community needs in Arts, Education, Health and Welfare.
  • Award Grants for projects where the amount requested  will make a difference.
  • Allocate grants to projects in Arts, Education, Health and Welfare.
  • Allot total grant funds based on funds raised the previous year. 
  • Allot each grant up to the maximum grant amount established annually by the Board of Directors of the Landfall Foundation.
  • Further support education by awarding academic scholarships to qualified employees affiliated with the Landfall community.

The Landfall Foundation will not make grants to organizations representing religious or denominational causes, political parties or candidates.  Organizations should demonstrate appropriate administrative costs.

Grant Applications are accepted annually, usually in June. Awards are usually made in November.

To participate in the good works of this foundation, select Make a Donation!

Application forms and guidelines for applicants can be found by selecting Apply for a Grant!