Supporting Wilmington Charities

Image descriptionFrequently Asked Questions

Q. How much has been given?
A. In 2016, $351,500 was distributed among 78 projects.

  • Over $3,900,000 has been awarded since 1995.

Q. What types of non-profit organizations?
A. The specific lists can be found in the drop down menu above marked "Grant Recipients". Categories include Arts, Education, and Health and Welfare. General areas of interest are shelters, crisis intervention and prevention, health care for elderly and underprivileged, community outreach, child advocacy, child victimization, child resources, educational programs at all levels, and local performing companies in dance, theater and music.

Q. Does the Landfall Foundation give any money to Landfall organizations?
A. The foundation gives to non-profit Landfall organizations whose purpose is public enjoyment, such as the free Kenan Chapel concerts that are open to or benefit the public. We have also created a Landfall Coummunity Marathon Fund to say thanks and give a gift back to the Landfall Community for allowing us to use their streets for the race. We do not donate to the Country Club of Landfall or to the COA.

Q. How does the foundation raise money?
A. Historically, almost completely through Landfall property owners and club members, and primarily through the annual Gala. The foundation is working hard to expand this effort by adding new events and needs your support.

Q. Who can attend a foundation event?
A. Anyone. Since the foundation raises money for Wilmington non-profits, none of its events are closed.

Q. How much of my donation reaches Wilmington non-profit organizations?
A. Almost all. Since the Landfall Foundation is run by volunteers, less than 5 percent of all donations collected is allocated for expenses.

Q. How is my donation used?
A. All proceeds from any Landfall Foundation event, after expenses, are distributed. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Q. How does my tax deduction work?
A. Since your event ticket or entry fee into a Landfall Foundation hosted event represents a contribution, it is tax-deductible. The only time the entire amount is not deductible is when the ticket holder receives/consumes a tangible item like food. For example, if food costs are $25 per person for a party, $75 of a $100 ticket price is tax-deductible. In other words, the party costs you $25 per person and the rest is a tax-deductible donation to the foundation.