The Landfall Foundation Endowment Fund

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A Planned Giving Investment Opportunity

The Landfall Foundation Endowment Fund is intended to augment the foundation's financial goals and mission by financing all the operating expenses so that 100 percent of all donations will go to support the greater Wilmington area community.

In addition, the remainder of the endowment's annual distribution will be added to the grants' pool to be given away. This will help offer stability during times when donations may drop due to difficult economic periods.

Consider a Legacy Gift

Image descriptionLeave a lasting legacy to show that our lives have made a difference in the world and that, in some way, we have contributed to an important cause that will benefit others for years to come. With your legacy gift, you can help assure future generations that Landfall Foundation's commitment to benefit our communities' non-profit organizations will always continue.

Options For Your Gifts:

  • Wills and living trusts
  • Lead Trusts: transferring income producing assets
  • Donating appreciated stock and/or mutual funds
  • IRA and 401(K): Name the foundation as a beneficiary
  • Life Insurance: Name the foundation as a beneficiary

Please consult with your financial advisor to determine the best option for you. If you have any questions, please contact the Endowment Committee by sending an email to

Contribution Form

The Frank & Betty Kenan Society Members

Legacy givers whose endowment gifts are $10,000 or greater:

Cecile Blankenhorn

Catherine Bonnette

Jetta and Pascal Boyd

Ronald and Marilyn Gunther

Barry and Janet Burkholder

Jim and Mary Hagen
Bill Hamlet -
In memory of Angie Hamlet

John Hatcher

Pat Hatcher

Betty Kenan

Thomas Kenan III

William and Frances McMillan

Dan and Sheila Saklad

Anne Sorhagen

John and Judy Talbert

William and Jackie Warwick


The Landfall Foundaiton Endowment Fund is professionally managed under the direction of the Landfall Foundation Endowment Committeee. Currently a special Endowment account has been set up with an SEC Registered Investment Firm who has helped the foundation for several years.

The Landfall Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and files financial documentation with the NC Secretary of State annually including our annual report form 990. Information is available at: